Discover the New GPR PREMIUM LINE


This Premium line exhaust is equipped with the new dbkiller (mech), this system provides more power and a better sound than the old insert system. This is now the standard on all Euro 4 models, but also the older versions are equipped with this as this is a major improvement! Available for motocycle, quad and maxi-scooter.

The grille is mounted with DEKRA screws (anti-tampering screws). This is an accepted mounting system of the db-killer for countries such as Germany, Switzerland, France … where regulations are becoming increasingly strict on “removable db killers”. A special tool is needed to remove these screws, once removed you can replace them with ordinary screws. We can do this for you on request. Be aware that is is illegale to remove this on EURO4 models for road use.

The Premium series are only available from the Premium GPR dealers.

KGL Racing is one of these premium GPR dealers.

G.P.R. headquarter is located in Riozzo di Cerro al Lambro Milan, Italy. For more than 40 years our mission is to satisfy our client demands for product quality, punctual shipments and flexible relationships to find the correct solution to the market evolution. Over the last 15 years, GPR has transformed their business. By continually investing in new sophisticated machines, staff training and working with some of the world’s top race teams, GPR has become a market leader ready for the future. Our state of the art production facility and thoroughly developed logistics capability enable us to produce quickly and deliver anywhere in world fast and efficiently

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Gifts Packages for the holidays

Do you have a lack of inspiration for buying a gift for a motorcyclist on the occasion of Christmas, New Year, birthday or other occasion? We offer a number of ready-made packages for you.

These are immediately packaged and delivered in gift paper.

Or you can also opt for a voucher.

On this link you can view or order the gift packages