Monimoto Alarm/Tracker test report (Review)

We at KGL Racing have the Monimoto GPS system in use for a little over 1 year now. High time for a report!

monimoto review

How does it work?
The tracker itself is a cylindrical rod of about 13 cm long on 3.5 cm diameter. This is therefore easily stored discreetly in a motorcycle. Take, for example, under the saddle (but can also easily be installed somewhere behind the fairing). The monimoto works on batteries and therefore requires no power from the motorcycle itself. An additional advantage is that it can be used very mobile, motorcycle is safely stored and locked? Move the monimoto without difficulty to your car, camper, boat, you name it … When you remove the device from the box, the first thing you have to do is to install the app, which you can install on both IOS and Android devices. The app guides you effortlessly through all the steps to make the tracker ready for use, within minutes it is ready for use. The SIM card is already there, so no more hassle with cards here. If you want to use your own card this is possible too, but for the price you certainly do not have to do this (we will come back to this later).

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Sales does not only have to be for the lady of the house

Now that the new motorbike season is slowly approaching, we are also going to clean up the stocks to make room for the new stuff.

As the title of the message says, the man in the house can also indulge in the sales, so with this we have created a section where you can find all the nice discounts. Check the links below at regular intervals as articles will be added regularly.

More than 120 exhausts can be found in this section with discounts up to 50%.

Looking for a universal silencer for project? We have added a large number of the IXIL brand this week, you can find them here.

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