Akrapovic deliveries are delayed due to thunderstorms

Newsletter, 12 June 2018

12. June 2018

Important notice: Disruption to Akrapovič Production Facility

Dear Akrapovič Business Partners,
On Friday, 8 June 2018, we experienced a severe weather event in Črnomelj, Slovenia, where Akrapovič’s main production plant is located. These unusual and extreme meteorological conditions brought all manufacturing at our state-of-the-art facility to an immediate halt.
A severe storm struck the region where the Akrapovič production plant and warehouse is located around 4.00 pm on Friday. With heavy rain and freak hailstones the size of tennis balls, the storm damaged more than four hundred buildings and many cars, and it completely destroyed crops in the vicinity. Fortunately for all concerned, nobody was injured.
Akrapovič incurred damage to the roofing of the production facility and logistics centre during the storm, and due to the roof damage there was flooding in the production floor area. As a result of these events, we halted production immediately for the safety of our employees and to assess the damage. We immediately started steps to repair the damage in the production hall, and we plan to have the facilities operating at full capacity as soon as possible.
The full extent of the damage will become apparent in the upcoming days, and as our valued partner you may face delays in the delivery of goods promised. We ask for your patience and understanding due to this event while we endeavour to minimize any disruptions faced.
For any further information or updates, please do not hesitate to contact your area sales manager.
Yours faithfully,
Akrapovič Team
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