Monimoto Alarm/Tracker test report (Review)

We at KGL Racing have the Monimoto GPS system in use for a little over 1 year now. High time for a report!

monimoto review

How does it work?
The tracker itself is a cylindrical rod of about 13 cm long on 3.5 cm diameter. This is therefore easily stored discreetly in a motorcycle. Take, for example, under the saddle (but can also easily be installed somewhere behind the fairing). The monimoto works on batteries and therefore requires no power from the motorcycle itself. An additional advantage is that it can be used very mobile, motorcycle is safely stored and locked? Move the monimoto without difficulty to your car, camper, boat, you name it … When you remove the device from the box, the first thing you have to do is to install the app, which you can install on both IOS and Android devices. The app guides you effortlessly through all the steps to make the tracker ready for use, within minutes it is ready for use. The SIM card is already there, so no more hassle with cards here. If you want to use your own card this is possible too, but for the price you certainly do not have to do this (we will come back to this later).

When unpacking you will see that this is a 2-part system. The 1st part consists of the cylindrical bar (the GPS tracker itself) and the 2nd part is a keychain. This is immediately what distinguishes the Monimoto from all other systems, this keychain makes the system so user-friendly that you do not even have to think about using it anymore.

The GPS tracker recognizes the keychain immediately when it comes close and so it knows “ah, boss is there” and the system goes into standby. When you leave with the keychain the system will reactivate and you will receive a telephone call at the slightest movement and a few minutes later the GPS coordinates will be forwarded via the app for as long as the motor is moving.

In the meantime, we have already used these in all circumstances and we can undoubtedly state that this is the best tracking system that we have already tested. We use the system on 3 vehicles and work time and time again as expected.

To sketch with an example: Last year, for example, we made the crossing with a ferry from Italy to Greece. The motorcycle is in the the boat at level -2, so below sea level. I stand on the deck enjoying the landscape to and when the boat is only released from the quay I immediately get a call from my motorcycle, the movement is registered, but what is even stronger, that I am immediately informed (Knowing where the motorbike is at that moment, surrounded by a lot of steel and below sea level! Stunning!). 5 minutes later I get the first notification with the new coordinates. At this moment you know of course that this will be the case for the next 8 hours and is therefore not wanted. No problem: in the app you can then put the system in stand-by for the desired number of hours. The motorcycle can not leave here, so you can safely put the system in stand-by.

False reports?
Nothing is more annoying as getting false reports. After using more than 1 year, we received a total of 3 false reports, which can all be explained.

1st case was on a biker meeting: I suddenly get a phone call from the motorcycle, I am at that moment only a few hundred meters and so go immediately. What seems? Someone was placing flyers under the saddles of all motorcycles. Given that the tracker in my case is under the saddle, the system will also respond sensitively.

2nd case: Motorbike is parked in a gigantic “tower” parking on the 5th floor. I get a phone call from the bike and so I immediately check what is going on, once arrived I see the bike, nothing in the neighborhood and I ask myself why it goes off now? At this moment a car comes from level 4 to level 5 and I feel the whole platform shake, which could immediately explain the reason for the alarm.

3rd case: I leave the motorbike in the city on an anticipated motorcycle parking lot. We sit down a further on a little terrace where I suddenly get a phone call from my tracker. Of course I go straight back and hear from a distance what the reason is. A large excavator is busy in the street to break up the concrete with a heavy breaking hammer …

In short, therefore, none of these false alarms can be classified as inexplicable.

The application
The app is complete and clear, here is actually nothing to complain about. The tracker (s) are clearly displayed on the home page. You can therefore follow several GPS trackers in the app.

You can see the status of the batteries (both the device and the keychain) at any time. You can also find a settings page where the sensitivity can be set. Furthermore, you can also set this screen on which you would like to receive notifications.

In the app you can also find an info page with frequently asked questions, the complete manual, troubleshooting, etc …

Finally, you can find a tab with “events”, which actually comes down to the history of the given reports.

What does it cost?
The target price of the Monimoto is 159 euros but as always you get nice discounts at KGLracing and this is for sale for 143 euros. You can order through this link.

The use of the SIM card is free for the first 2 months, afterwards you pay a fixed amount of 30 euros per year. It does not matter whether you use the system a lot or a little. You should therefore not fear every time the system would go off that you would get extra costs. As mentioned above you can also use your own SIM card, but you will have to dive into the settings to configure this SIM card correctly.

We now have 3 units in use (2 motorcycles and a mobile home). If we were not satisfied with the system, we would of course not use it on all these vehicles. If you have doubts about which tracker system you can use best, I would not look any further. Monimoto is superior to its competitors on every level.


Do you wish to order one? You can do this via our webshop on this link.

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