Samco radiator hoses now also available for the Honda CB650F

Samco Sport silicone radiator hoses

The Samco radiator hoses kits are meant for both motorsport and the sporty driver on public roads. You too can ride with Samco hoses, your engine performs better and the engine block looks bad ass!

The top quality ensures super performance and reduces the risk of damage to your engine as a result of the breakage of the original hoses.

You can fully trust on Samco hoses


SamcoSport Performance Silicone Radiator Hose Kit Features:

– Longer life
– Lowers running temperature by up to 5°C / 9°F
– Extremely high burst temperatures
– Single molded “Y” shape hoses reduce leaks and joint failure
– Available stainless steel hose clamp kit


Standard colors without surcharge are: Blue / Red / Orange / Bright Green / Yellow / Purple / Black / British Racing Green

Special colors 15% surcharge: Ice White / Pink / Matte Black (classic) / Gunmetal Grey /Red Viper

Special colors 35% surcharge: Metallic Silver / Samco Blaze / Urban Camo / SolarOrange Camo / Camo Green Ninja / Lightning Blue Camo


More info about samco hoses on this link

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