Sales does not only have to be for the lady of the house

Now that the new motorbike season is slowly approaching, we are also going to clean up the stocks to make room for the new stuff.

As the title of the message says, the man in the house can also indulge in the sales, so with this we have created a section where you can find all the nice discounts. Check the links below at regular intervals as articles will be added regularly.

More than 120 exhausts can be found in this section with discounts up to 50%.

Looking for a universal silencer for project? We have added a large number of the IXIL brand this week, you can find them here.

A solid motorcycle lock is not cheap, TOP BLOCK is one of the better brands when it comes to locks, these are now also available at a discounted price. Check this page for these deals! Or maybe you are looking for bobbins for the paddock stand? Then it is now the time, we have the offer of TITAX here

Need a rearview mirror (s) or indicator? You guessed it, a large offer now also @ sales prices, and not the first best, but top quality of the Italian FAR!

The offers are for the quick decision makers because limited stock.

IXIL sale




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