Winter storage of your motorcycle = ACF-50 Anti-Corrosion spray

In this article we will go through a few points to get through the winter storage of your motorcycle.

First of all you give the motorcycle a thorough cleaning, both all the plastic parts, chrome, paint, rubbers, etc. For every application there is a decent product on the market to help you with this, you can find it here.

Then you do (or have this carried out) a maintenance of the motorcycle. Especially oil and oil filter is important here, this to remove all moisture from the engine block. Immediately lubricate the chain well.

Fill the fuel tank completely full and add an aditive (profi fuel-Max is very suitable for this) to the gasoline. Let the engine run for a while until the additive is also in the pipes and fuel system. This way you prevent rust in the tank.

Once this is clean you can fully inject the motorbike and engine with ACF-50 (of course no brakes and tires treated with this). ACF-50 was originally developed as aircraft protection, so, Aircraft Protection … for your motorcycle. More info about this product can be found here.

Where the motorcycle is parked for a longer period of time, set the tires 0.3 bar higher than normal tire pressure, it is best to also place the motorbike on its centerstand, and better still ensure that both wheels are off the ground to prevent tire deformation.

Place a battery charger on the battery to keep it in optimum condition.

Also make sure that you place the motorcycle in a dry and preferably ventilated garage, also use a breathable motor cover if you wish to cover it.

What we definitely advise not to do is to regularly start the motorcycle, do not do this. This is how you create condensation in the engine!


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