Monimoto GPS Tracker 7 / Alarm for motorbike, scooter, quad M7, Now in promo at 149 euro

Monimoto GPS Tracker 7 / Alarm for motorbike, scooter, quad, car, camping car, trailer, caravan,.. M7

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The Monimoto GPS tracker uses GPS-GSM and bluetooth technology.

Monimoto 7 is brand new Monimoto model. It’s a smart GPS tracker for motorcycles, mopeds, scooters and other vehicles. The new Monimoto version is even smaller, easier to install and compact. This model (Monimoto 7) uses LTE-M (LTE Cat-M1) and 2G networks and works in Europe and the United States.  It is powered by 2 long-life batteries, so even if the vehicle’s battery is dead your ride will still be safe. Monimoto comes with an embedded eSIM card with 2 months FREE subscription.

The tracker is a small square box (94x61x19mm), which you can easily hide on your motorcycle, scooter, quad, bike, car, motorhome, caravan, …. The key is in the possession of the owner of the vehicle. This key communicates with the alarm system and tells him that the rightful owner with the keychain is near or wants to drive the vehicle. At this moment the GPS Tracker knows that there is no danger of theft and goes into standby.

As soon as you park the vehicle somewhere, so that the key ring is no longer close to the alarm, the Monimono alarm will be in focus and in the event of movement or displacement of the motorbike from sleep mode to alarm mode. At this moment he calls your phone within a minute. He will also pass the location of the motor via GPS to the Monimoto app on your phone within 1 minutes. This process will then repeat every 5 minutes.


You pay the purchase costs. A SIM card is also included with the monimono. The first two months you use it for free. Then this SIM card costs you 36 euros per year. Payment of this is done via the monimoto app. You can also use your own SIM card, please note that this is activated for roaming use.

The monimoto is completely wireless and works on batteries (these will last 2 years with you, you can always consult the battery level via the app) So as far as the placement is concerned, just put away the device in your vehicle and you are ready to go. Sim card, keychain and batteries are included. Install the corresponding android or Apple app that you can download from the App store or play store, and within 5 minutes you can use the tracker.

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KGL Racing is now also an official Touratech dealer!

KGL Racing is now also an official Touratech dealer!

Touratech has been one of the best addresses for many years when it comes to motorcycle luggage systems suitable for expeditions, as well as a mega wide range of all kinds of adventure accessories.

KGL Racing is now an official dealer of Touratech, catalog can be found on this link.

Touratech Catalogus

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New, BITUBO suspensions now available at KGL racing

We have not been idle in recent weeks and can now proudly report that we are now official distributor of the BITUBO shocks and steering dampers.

A solid suspension kit can significantly improve the steering behavior of your motorcycle or scooter and with BITUBO you immediately get top quality at a very attractive price. Available for tour, naked and sport motorcycles as well as for the maxi scooters.

On this link you will find the BITUBO rear suspension for motorcycles, fork kits, scooters and steering dampers will be added later, feel free to send an email if you need a kit that is not yet available on the site.

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New in our shop, the Caterpillar flashlights and worklights

New in our shop, the Caterpillar flashlights and worklights, and as always at very competitive prices!

Caterpillar is not only the world leader in the sale of earthmoving machines, but also has a whole range of other accessories, including the Flashlights, and worklights. As expected from such a brand, this is also top quality comparable to brands such as Maglite.

We have been able to get hold of a lot of these flashlights and have added them to our range and they can now be ordered via the webshop at – 35% of the retail price.

Take advantage now, this offer is valid until stock is exhausted.

Can be ordered via this link


Caterpillar flashlight Caterpillar worklight Caterpillar Work light

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Winter storage of your motorcycle = ACF-50 Anti-Corrosion spray

In this article we will go through a few points to get through the winter storage of your motorcycle.

First of all you give the motorcycle a thorough cleaning, both all the plastic parts, chrome, paint, rubbers, etc. For every application there is a decent product on the market to help you with this, you can find it here.

Then you do (or have this carried out) a maintenance of the motorcycle. Especially oil and oil filter is important here, this to remove all moisture from the engine block. Immediately lubricate the chain well.

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