Euro3 vs. Euro4 exhaust, what is the difference?

We regularly get the question about what is the difference between the Euro3 and the Euro4 silencers.

Here the clarification.

The biggest difference between the two versions is the removable db-killer.

It is no longer removable on the Euro4.

From 1 January 2017, the new motorbikes are therefore subject to the Euro4 standard. This new standard therefore requires that the db-killer can no longer be removed without causing damage in order to be able to remove it. There are still a large number of models of motorcycles that are unchanged (as far as the exhaust is concerned) since the introduction of this standard, I just think of the MT-07, MT-09, BWM GS1200, etc …

For these bikes there are usually 2 versions available in the exhausts, Euro 3 and Euro4 (for models from 2017 onwards). Concretely, therefore, the Euro3 versions apply to this, they are only not legal.

For the new models after 2017 there will only be a Euro 4 silencer available. So keep in mind that your new silencer can have a welded db-killer. Some brands still make it quite easy to remove them, while others find it a lot harder or sometimes impossible to take them out. So, in case of doubt, ask a question!

Here is an explanation of how it is described in the new law.


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