Turning, drilling, milling and welding

It is good to know that you can also come to our workshop in Duras (Sint Truiden) for all kinds of turning, drilling, milling and welding. We do not only assemble motorcycle accessories or exhausts, but also adjustments and piecework in metal processing.

For this we have a lathe with digital readoutmilling machine, welding table and welding equipment, cutting, folding and rolling machine for plate, sawing machine, workshop press and all kinds of tools for metalworking.

So both for welding a garden gate and turning a shaft for a specific purpose, you can contact us for this.

Don’t hesitate to contact us or come by.

Here are some images of our tools:

Lathe HBM 320 x 900 with digital readout


KGL racing draaibank

Manual Milling Machine RF80 (no CNC)KGL Racing freesbank

Welding table (home made)

KGL racing lastafel

Cutting, bending and rolling machine for sheet steel 1mm

KGL racing knip-,rol- en plooibank

Sawing machine Mactool 180 G

KGL racing zaagmachine

Atelierpress (home made)

KGL racing atelierpers

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